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Message from the President and CEO

Building Smart Social Infrastructure with IT

A Comprehensive Engineering and Services Company Committed to Growth

Since its foundation over 70 years ago, MIRAIT has developed in tandem with society while constructing telecommunications infrastructure and electric facilities. Our technologies and services are among the most advanced in the world.

We provide innovative solutions for smart infrastructure for buildings by constructing increasingly sophisticated telecommunications networks and making office environments more comfortable with intelligent building equipment.
Additionally, we contribute to the safety and security of urban communities by constructing emergency communication facilities, laying power lines underground, and developing new energy and environmental systems such as solar power facilities and storage batteries.

Today, we live in a world where preparation and resilience is required in view of the uncertain global economic outlook and frequent occurrences of extreme weather and natural disasters. On the domestic front, more than seventy years have passed since the end of World War II, and Japan now faces unprecedented social issues such as the declining population caused by the low birthrate and graying of society as well as the urgent need to upgrade its deteriorating infrastructure. Meanwhile, in ICT, the domain in which we conduct business, the era of IoT has begun with the introduction of commercial 5G (Fifth-Generation Mobile Communications System) services. The ICT market is evolving at an extraordinary pace, along with rapid technological advances, such as for fixed-line broadband and mobile communication services, the skyrocketing data traffic attributed to smartphones and tablets, and the fast-growing areas of cloud computing, network security, and big data.

At the threshold of this new era, we will strive to live up to the promise of our name, “MIRAI (Future) + IT” by leveraging our expertise in ICT to generate social innovation as a comprehensive engineering and services company that envisions and creates the future. We will cultivate our human resources as the cornerstone for sustaining our quality and technological edge and implement work style reform. At the same time, we will seek to maintain a robust revenue base and sound management for achieving the SDGs. Moreover, we will consistently work to earn your trust and support as we continue our pursuit of sustainable growth.


President and Chief Executive Officer

MIRAIT Corporation