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Communications Infrastructure
Communications InfrastructureCommunications Infrastructure
Broadband networks allow for high‒speed, large‒capacity communication and are setting the new standard for communications. Optical fiber networks serve as their basic infrastructure. The MIRAIT Group is participating in the development of broadband networks through a coherent system that encompasses design, construction and maintenance.

Network safety based on extensive know-how and experience

A significant amount of the engineering work we do is for construction and maintenance of broadband networks. We assist in the construction of this highly reliable network by leveraging the extensive know-how and technicalexpertise we have gained over many years as a network constructor and the unique advantage of having a wide service area. With our premier engineering technology we also support Japan’s communication infrastructure used in the event of earthquakes, flooding or other natural disasters to quickly recover communications and ensure safety and security.


Awards and certifications for
our technology attest to customer confidence

Our various work on high-speed, large-capacity net- works includes the construction of optical fiber relay networks, subscriber optical fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and CATV networks. Our highly regarded technical expertise and reliability have earned many cus- tomer satisfaction awards.