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Mobile Networks
Mobile NetworksMobile Networks
Dramatic advances in mobile technologies have made daily life richer and more convenient. The MIRAIT Group delivers comprehensive services, including the development and construction of wireless base stations, to support the evolution of applications with greater diversity and functionality in this era of high‒speed, largecapacity communication.

Networks that meet the growing demand of large-volume content

Mobile networks are critical for a ubiquitous information society, in which high-speed, large-capacity communication systems require diverse applications with enhanced functionality. Our sales and construction divisions work in concert to provide optimal solutions based on our superior mobile technologies and the advantage of having a nationwide service network.


Proud of the reliability that has earned us the reputation of being a mobile specialist

The rapid spread of smartphones has dramatically increased the volume of data carried by mobile networks, leading to the development of high-speed data transmission systems. Our widely acclaimed contri- bution to the creation and support of mobile networks includes design- ing and constructing wireless facilities and the testing and adjustment of wireless equipment.