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ICT Solutions
ICT SolutionsICT Solutions
The prevailing business environment has made broadband networks and ICT systems essential for virtually every company. The MIRAIT Group delivers the optimal ICT infrastructure and high-quality applications that meet the challenges inherent in these requirements toward winning the race to survive.

Office Solutions

  • ・Workforce Management
  • ・Virtualization/Thin Client
  • ・Anti-Virus Solution
  • ・Educational Solution
  • ・Digital Signage/AV System
  • ・Visual Communication System
  • ・CCTV System

Wi-Fi, IoT and Other Solutions

  • ・Wi-Fi Solution
  • ・Information Provision Service for Hotel Guest
  • ・Disaster Prevention Solution
  • ・Disaster Prevention Solution for Municipality
  • ・Digital Signage/AV System
  • ・High Density Wi-Fi Solution
  • ・IoT Solution

Facility Construction

  • ・Server Construction
  • ・Security System Construction
  • ・Authentication System Construction
  • ・Contact Center Construction
  • ・Unauthorized Intrusion Prevention
  • ・Call Recording System
  • ・LAN/WAN Facilities Construction

Developing Software

  • ・Video Processing/Analysis/Distribution Solution
  • ・Support System of Welfare/Nursing care
  • ・Map Information System
  • ・Customer Information Management and Charge Management System
  • ・Financial Support System for National Health Insurance System
  • ・Workforce Management

Monitoring/Maintenance Service (24/7)

  • ・Onsite Maintenance Service
  • ・Regular Inspection Service
  • ・Maintenance Inventory Management Service
  • ・Remote Monitoring Service
  • ・Stationed Maintenance Service at Customers’ Office
  • ・Research and Analysis Service

Facility Construction for Audio System

  • ・IP-PBX Construction
  • ・FMC System Construction
  • ・Smartphone Extension